Saturday, January 17, 2009

What if George W. Bush had been Black?

Perhaps you've all seen it. But the BRILLIANT setup, which for some reason is chopped off the front of this clip, is this:

Dave Chappelle basically notes that no black person could have done what George Bush has done, without a whole lot of people asking a lot more questions.

He then casts himself as a Black version of George Bush -

And there you have it.

Funny as it is, I have to say it's a dead-on translation of what literally happened with the unfortunately real *white* GWB.

In the future, will our descendants be able to understand what happened here? How a whole nation was literally frightened out of it's wits, sold out by a compliant media and a complicit Senate and Congress, and made to shaft the world and ourselves?

Thank God it's over. Not the skit, but the even more surreal reality.