Monday, June 9, 2008

McCain campaign possibly getting all COINTELPRO on Obama's ass

The end of her campaign also means the beginning of GOP divide-and-conquer ops. Not at all surprising, but still interesting to see. If this email is genuine, of course.

From :

McCain's Plans to Wrest Clinton supporters from Obama

To: *******
From: S. Schmidt
Date: May 15, 2008

Subject: Clinton Strategy

...the Democratic Party is becoming increasingly polarized along certain segments of its base...[There is a] growing bitterness between certain supporters of Clinton and the Obama camp in general...

The specific group we are targeting is a cross-section of white, female voters over the age of 40....

This age group matches up with feminists who are more likely to identify with Hillary personally. They are also less likely to fear the SCOTUS ruling against Roe v. Wade, simply because they are at a much lower risk for pregnancy. Thus, they are less likely to face personal consequences of the conservative nominations a President McCain would make to the SCOTUS .

...We have already worked to reinforce the Clinton campaign’s narrative about the unfair treatment that some networks, specifically MSNBC, have given her camp....

Thus reinforcing the meme that Clinton lost due to sexism, and not because she simply didn't campaign as well. And very specifically, she didn't even have staff in many states that Obama did; Obama won 11 of these states straight in February. If Hillary had won even one of these, she might now be the Democratic nominee.

Simultaneously, our team has been testing new lines of attack through independent pro-Clinton communities on the Internet. Our hope is that our message here will spread by word-of-mouth.Our local community organizing has also been successful. We have organized dozens of “meet-ups” across the country for Clinton supporters, and we have used that time to stress the importance of punishing the DNC for choosing the undemocratically selected far-left Obama.

The COINTELPRO method - spread disinformation under the false flag of a movement colleague. In this case, I suspect this is done while posing as a friendly fellow Clinton supporter.

As for "undemocratic selection" i.e. superdelegate selection - as we know, those are the rules, which Hillary and Obama agreed to before they started. Obama just started wooing superdelegates earlier and did it better - and more importantly, Obama was ahead without superdelegates. They were only needed to take one candidate over the line.

But these are all logical points - which are always less likely to be refuted from within the ranks of a losing group's supporters.

At the moment, this is nothing more than a headache for the Obama campaign. With a greater commitment on your part, I hope to see it metastasize into something much more.

The only other thing I have to add is: look out.

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