Sunday, June 8, 2008

welcome aboard. mission already underway.

It looks like I'm actually going to start keeping this meta-ship's (b)log on a regular basis. So, I've decided to lay out my purpose and direction in a solid fashion.

what i'm about.

i have been fascinated by information from a very early age. As i've grown to see many of the ways that we humans deal with information - at the individual, the group and even at the species level - the strangeness, charm and beauty of information itself, and the many ways it shapes and gathers, has intrigued me ever more.

This fascination is a common thread throughout my life, and has led me to the meta and physical places I am today.

what this blog is about
This blog is about everything that fascinates me, which always is related to information. [Although it's fair to say - what isn't related to information?] Specific topics will include:
  • politics - i'm hooked.
  • art - what does and doesn't suck, and why
  • science
  • metaphysics and new-agery - i see no contradiction between enjoying the perspective and fruits of proven science, and exploring possibilities that may reside outside it
  • creative work - my writings, movies, photographs, and music
  • id eas(e) - whatever might strike me, and especially something that leaves a mark
  • the random and bizzarre - meme rocks i smoke to feed my info addiction

In all of the above, the information that lights me up could be profound, or silly, or both, or neither. Sometimes i want a gourmet meal, other times a fat juicy and righteous hamburger.

warnings and commitments
i will tend to write quickly and rather off-the-cuff. i am actively involved in many fronts of the meta wars - I'm a technical writer, a creative writer, a musician, a photographer, a mystic, and "just" a human American with a blue-collar background, an intellectual lust and a penchant for the fantastic. So i want to get my thoughts out here clearly without taking too much time.

i will also, from time to time, indulge in adult language. Not just for the juvenile fun of it. The right curse word can communicate with a speed, clarity and completeness that is rarely matched by more polite circumlocution. For instance, let's say an innocent man [cough]Don Siegelman[/cough] is sent to prison by unjust prosecution. Would it be most accurate to say he was treated in a shockingly unfair manner? Or would it be most accurate to say he was fucking shafted? It's my blog, so i get to make the call.

i will also edit previous postings, if i wrote something terribly the first time or if my facts that were just plain wrong. In the latter case, i pledge to always show the correction as an update, with the original text visible as strikethrough.

i also pledge to only say something is true when there is direct evidence. And, if and when challenged, I will produce my backing facts or correct my initial posting. This includes all my possible metaphysical new-agery information wanderings.

what are the meta wars?
This what i call what we as a civilization and a species are involved in, right now. we can now interconnect and see all our species' information, from everywhere else in the globe. we can now put everything together, and see what information works as promised or hoped - and what does now, but may not in the future. this is causing and will continue to cause huge shits - heh, a typo, I think I mean "shifts" - in our outlook individually, and as a species.

In the middle of this, our species' corporations - which are so huge and organized that they can almost be considered independent consciousnesses from humanity - are attempting to find ways to control information, manage it, distort it, spread it, process it, sell it, buy it...while governments, our previously emergent group consciousnesses, are attempting the same, while also trying to hide their information, monitor everyone else's, and buy from or sell to corporations a discreet chunk at a time.

In the future the amount of information we can experience will continue to increase, and we may also soon experience a "coming singularity" by creating intelligences which are smarter enough than us, that we may not even be able to understand them.

Welcome to the meta wars. This an incredibly fascinating and beautiful time to be alive and sailing. It's a fascinating ever-changing ever-unfolding infoverse, that is transforming and transforming us before our eyes and i's. We are all making our choices and commitments to this struggle.

i'll be examining this all, from my own political and cultural and life perspective, time and time again. Most likely forever.

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