Tuesday, July 1, 2008

OK, Google - you're kicking too much ass. Stop it.

I mean, Jesus, guys. This is just ridiculous.

Already you have me in Gmail, Google Notebooks, Google Calendar, Google Docs. This very blog is written on your subsidiary Blogspot. From your Youtube, I can get a quick fix of almost any video I want to see. I mean *anything*. From training videos in Ableton 7 to amateur stripteases. From Noam Chomsky to Don freakin' Knotts.

Then there's Google Finance. Google Health, so I won't forget my own blood type again. Google Reader, Google Analytics, Google AdSense...I'm starting to spend more time in the freakin' Google Operating System than I spend hating on George Bush.

But that's not even enough for you, is it, you unbelievably helpful overproductive info-achievers? No, anthropomorphized Google, you had to go and do this: a language translator that even handles Hindi.


Did you know I'm fascinated by Indian culture? Can you read my mind? Is this some sort of trap? Maybe I should use Google Shopping to find a nice tinfoil-lined chapeau, so I can keep Google Brain from becoming my new overlord until Google God sends me to Pathfinder Purgatory or Lycos Limbo?

Of course, it does many other languages as well, and translates both ways. Far more than babelfish of altavista, which now joins the dusty electron-collections of the past...







And then they had to include an option for native-language speakers to improve Google's translation!!


And - on top of all that, here's the kicker - a FREE widget you can put on your website, so visitors can translate it into any language that they want?

I mean, come on Googlers. Really. What is right with you people???

It's like you're addicted. Seriously, someone needs to stage an intervention here. I know Yahoo would like to.

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